Essex Repeater Group - News in Brief

32nd Canvey Rally - 5-Feb-2017
ERG was at the 32nd Canvey Rally on Sunday 5-Feb-2017.

Our thanks to all who saw, helped and supported us. ERG will be putting the receipts to good use.

GB7ZP - 70cm D-Star

D-Star is evolving. ERG has a plan for a major gateway upgrade to the new G3 software. This includes support for the new Terminal and Access Point modes (as introduced by the Icom ID-51 Plus2).

As an interim step in mid-Jan 2017, the GB7ZP dplus software on the current G2 gateway was upgraded to Version-2.2n. This supports both G2 and upgraded G3 reflectors - and was a fairly simple first step that other systems are encouraged to do. It also supports open developments such as DV Dongles and Raspberry-Pi access points(DVAP-Pi / DVPi).

The next step is more radical and it involves a major change from the current 32bit system to a new 64bit OS/platform and the G3 software. - which of course we plan to do carefully, so our current service is not put at risk.

GB3DA - 2m Repeater

In 2016 a changeover on site from DA-2 to DA-1 was completed Sunday Feb-22 13:00, restoring Tx power/range. This followed testing of DA-1 the day before aided by the former GB3ZP logic unit. A further upgrade to the new generation GB3DA-3 using a similar format to GB3ER-3 is also in test.

GB3ER - 70cm Repeater

A new generation radio unit, GB3ER-3, was installed on Sunday 21st June 2015. The GB3ER logic has also been reprogrammed to be CTCSS-only access (ie no toneburst access) - like GB3DA/DB. Need to run a local net? Feel free to gove ER a try

GB3ER-3 in Service (and its G8CUL Logic Controller below)

GB3DB - 6m Repeater

Following major repairs to its cavity duplexer, GB3DB is back on air. ERG is grateful to Procom-UK for repairing lightning damage to three of its six cavities.

Recent work has included new earthing and ropes for the antenna mast.

MB7IDA - 2m Echolink

MB7IDA, formerly at Clive G1EUCs qth in Danbury, has been upgraded and is back on air from its new Chelmsford location.

Frequency and access is the same as before - 145.3375 MHz NBFM, 110.9 Hz CTCSS, Node 265297

GB3CMS - 10GHz Beacon

GB3CMS has moved and been relicensed for the same Chelmsford site as MB7IDA and GB7ZP. Its antenna/radome is being re-engineered and is expected back on air in 2017. Longer term upgrades will be considered in due course.

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