Essex Repeater Group - News in Brief

ERG Systems and COVID-19

ERG is hosting additional nets on GB3DA / GB7ZP due to cancellations of local club meetings including:-

  • CARS: Extra net on 1st Tuesday on GB3ER
  • TARG: Extra nets on Fridays on GB3DA
  • CARS: new D-Star net on GB7ZP on 2nd Saturdays
  • - along with BRATS, Basildon (MX0PJF), LRC etc

    More info: See here for details

    ERG has also been pleased to support Special Events GB100MZX and GB80CH during this period

    Note: ERG also encourages use of GB3ER and our other systems for such. If any group requires an extra net, please coordinate with the Keeper / ERG Secretary first!

    GB3DB - 6m - On Air

    GB3DB is on air after undergoing Transmitter/PA maintenance following its antenna replacement on Sun Aug-30. ERG were pleased to acquire the latest version of a Diamond CP62 antenna at short notice. Latest activity is to mitigate/replace related PA damage It was originally taken off air on Sun Aug-23 following serious weather antenna damage (inc loss of radials).

    ERG Supports Gateway Expansion

    Our Systems Menu now includes details of additional gateways set up by ERG and its committee members

  • MB7IDA - 2m ERG Echolink
  • MB6CE - 70cm DV-multimode - G0URK
  • MB6IMD - 70cm C4FM/WiresX - M1DOZ
  • MB6IZZ - 70cm DV-multimode M0SSK
  • MB6ZZ - 2m DStar - M0SSK

    35th Canvey Rally: 2-Feb-2020
    ERG was at the 35th Canvey Rally on Sunday 2-Feb-2020, at its new venue.

    Our thanks to all those who supported us and/or picked up the bargains! With the Feb-2021 event cancelled, we plan to be back for the next event on 6-Feb-2022

    Cornelius Vermuyden School,
    Dinant Avenue, Canvey Island Essex SS8 9QS

    GB3ER - Upgrade Planned

    With the intial DR2-XE Fusion box now running GB3DA, ERG has acquired a second Yaesu DR2-XE in preparation for a similar change to GB3ER. Originally planned for mid-2020, the chnage has been put on hold so we have a reserve for DA during the current Covid situation.

    The new NoV for GB3ER includes the option for C4FM tranmissions as well as FM

    We are grateful to Lamco for responding to our enquiries for the system and optional modules required.

    Such investment would not be possible without members support and subs.

    GB3DA - Change

    On Sunday Dec-8, DA-2 was changed over to our new Yaesu DR2-XE (now termed DA-4), following a few days of intermittent power settings on DA-2. This necessitated a number of rapid onsite modifications to accomodate it. It is configured to accept either FM or C4FM Fusion inputs, whilst always giving out NBFM as usual.

    Note thats it internal controller is quite different to the G8CUL logic that has been in use - it has a different style of ident, but unfortunately no 'K'. Our thanks to Moonraker for their help in supplying the kit.

    The system will continue to run in standalone mode as there is no internet available. If resolved, future plans are to use the new IMRS standard (whereas Wires-X may be used separately by our simplex gateways). Capability has also been retained to fall back to DA-1/2 once their PAs are attended to.

    GB7ZP - 70cm D-Star

    ERG recently upgraded to a new Centos-7 Linux gateway along with the new Icom G3 software, succeeding the previous Icom-G2 / Centos-5 system.

    This includes support for extra callsign routing and the new Terminal and Access Point modes (as featured by the Icom ID-51 Plus2, ID-31E Plus and ID-4100E). Got a new IC-9700? - give it a try too!

    MB7IDA - 2m Echolink

    MB7IDA, formerly at Clive G1EUCs qth in Danbury, is on air from its Chelmsford location with GB7ZP. A new MS-Windows Gateway controller has been recently installed - bear with us whilst audio and other settings are attended to.

    Frequency: 145.3375 MHz NBFM, 110.9 Hz CTCSS, Node 265297

    MB6CE - Updated Frequency

    MB6CE has been upgraded by Joel G0URK to be full multimode. On Feb-15 it moved to its new 144.8625 MHz frequency At present its mainly operating on D-Star and Fusion.

    GB3ER - 70cm Repeater

    A new generation radio unit, GB3ER-3, was installed on Sunday 21st June 2015. The GB3ER logic has also been reprogrammed to be CTCSS-only access (ie no toneburst access) - like GB3DA/DB.

    It was given some TLC on Monday 5-Feb-2018 - and recently had more in the autumn of 2018. The long term plan is to migrate it to Yaesu Fusion as discussed at the 2019 ERG AGM

    GB3ER-3 in Service (and its G8CUL Logic Controller below)

    GB3CMS - 10GHz Beacon

    GB3CMS has moved and been re-licensed for the same Chelmsford site as MB7IDA and GB7ZP. Its antenna/radome is being re-engineered. Longer term upgrades will be considered in due course.

    ERG Subs/Donations - via Paypal

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    Paypal also accepts most well known bank cards if you do not have a PayPal account. New members should ensure that they separately send full details of their address/contact information using the membership form

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