Essex Repeater Group - News in Brief

GB3DA Back on air

21-Dec-2017: The Original DA-1 transmitter has been fixed and is back on air for now. Tests on DA-3 have also identified further work before it can be used, as well as a requirement for a new DA-4 (DA-2 which failed in 2016 is not usable)

Season Greetings !

ERG conveys its best wishes for the season and for the new year.

33rd Canvey Rally - 4-Feb-2018
ERG will be at the 33rd Canvey Rally on Sunday 4-Feb-2018.

Do keep it in the diary as it is one of the key events in Essex and a great opportunity to support ERG and get some bargains!

GB7ZP - 70cm D-Star

D-Star is evolving. ERG has started its gateway upgrade project along with the new Icom G3 software. This includes support for the new Terminal and Access Point modes (as featured by the Icom ID-51 Plus2 and ID-4100E).

Our new 64 bit platform has been configured with SSD and the latest Centos-7 Linux OS with checks for updates/reliability ongoing. current plan is to changeover after Xmas. We will try to schedule the changeover to avoid a major outage to our increasingly popular D-Star system.

MB6CE - DV Simplex

MB6CE has been upgraded by Joel G0URK to be full multimode. This will enable 2m DMR to be used in Chelmsford for the first time. At present its operating on D-Star, with DMR and Fusion being tested.

GB3ER - 70cm Repeater

A new generation radio unit, GB3ER-3, was installed on Sunday 21st June 2015. The GB3ER logic has also been reprogrammed to be CTCSS-only access (ie no toneburst access) - like GB3DA/DB.

GB3ER-3 in Service (and its G8CUL Logic Controller below)

GB3DB - 6m Repeater

Following major repairs to its cavity duplexer, GB3DB is back on air. ERG is grateful to Procom-UK for repairing lightning damage to three of its six cavities.

Recent work has included new earthing and ropes for the antenna mast.

MB7IDA - 2m Echolink

MB7IDA, formerly at Clive G1EUCs qth in Danbury, has been upgraded and is back on air from its new Chelmsford location.

Frequency and access is the same as before - 145.3375 MHz NBFM, 110.9 Hz CTCSS, Node 265297

GB3CMS - 10GHz Beacon

GB3CMS has moved and been relicensed for the same Chelmsford site as MB7IDA and GB7ZP. Its antenna/radome is being re-engineered and is expected back on air in 2017. Longer term upgrades will be considered in due course.

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