ERG Events & Key Dates

Committee Meetings
These are normally held on the third Wednesday of a month, when required. Issues should be forwarded to the Secretary in good time.

ERG usually attends Canvey Rally.

Under the Constitution, the AGM must be held in October and is usually held in Danbury Village Hall.

Nets, Talks etc
ERG hosts regular nets for local clubs/groups. Please coordinate with the Keeper/Secretary if your group wants one

  • CARS use GB3DA and GB3ER for nets on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays respectively at 8pm - ALSO GB3ER on FIRST TUESDAYS
  • TARG use GB3DA for nets - alternate Fridays 8pm - NOW ALL FRIDAYS
  • EssexHam use GB3DA for its weekly 'Monday Night Net'
  • MX0PFJ use GB3DA weekly on Wednesdays 8pm
  • The BRATS use GB3DA on other Tuesdays evenings (or Thu as a backup)
  • Essex YL net - first Saturday evening of the month on GB3DA
  • Laindon Radio Club, GX3LRC have nets on GB3DA every Sunday at 2pm
Note: Extra nets are indicated above arising due to Coranavirus

Date Event Venue
Sun Feb-2 2020 35th Canvey Rally Canvey Island
Thu Oct-8 2020 ERG AGM Postponed to 2021
Sun Feb-7 2021 Canvey Rally - Cancelled Canvey Island
Thu Oct-14 2021 ERG AGM Danbury Village Hall
Sun Feb-6 2022 Canvey Rally Canvey Island
Bold = ERG 'Public' Events