MB7IDA 2m FM Echolink Gateway

MB7IDA, is the 2 metre Echolink Internet Voice Gateway for central Essex. Formerly based at the qth of Clive G1EUC in Danbury, it is now under the care of ERG and was relocated to the Chelmsford area alongside GB7ZP in 2016.

Status: RF On - RF-Rx Audio problem

Frequency 145.3375 MHz, Channel V27, 12.5kHz NBFM
Access CTCSS Tone-H 110.9Hz
Antenna Diamond X30 vertical
Node 265297
NGR TL 730 039
Locator JO01GQ

EchoLink Guide: The M0FZW Guide to EchoLink - ERG D-Star Guide

  • Local nodes status: Click Here
  • Echolink Information: www.echolink.org


  • Radio
  • Antenna
  • New Controller: 1U Unit, 2019
  • Old Controller: 1U unit, motherboard

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  • ERG has restored MB7IDA in honour of Clive G1EUC.
  • Hosting of Conferences on MB7IDA and the 02 Random Conf call are disabled
  • March-2020: Radio Rx Audio not feeding thru. Tx and Internet Audio ok. Diagnostics inhibited at this time