MB6IMD 70cm C4FM / WIRES-X Gateway

ERG Committee member David M1DOZ operates MB6IMD, which is a 70cm Yaesu C4FM Digital Voice (DV) Simplex Gateway near Maldon, east of Chelmsford. It uses Yaesu/C4FM and provides local area WIRES-X* capability by the A12 corridor.

Frequency 433.6625 MHz
Access C4FM
Antenna Diamond V2000 vertical
Node 56756 (room 66756)
NGR TL 864 132
Locator JO01IS48


  • Equipment: MB6IMD is based on a Yaesu FTM-400XD Radio and HRI-200 interconnect
  • Access: This is a fusion Gateway. Access by C4FM or Wires-X network


  • MB6IMD info on QRZ: www.qrz.com/db/MB6IMD
  • Wires-X Node list: www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x

    Further Info
    The Gateway is a local node linked to the global WIRES-X Network and is a point of entry for any ham in range offering long reach connectivity to other WIRES-X gateways/repeaters in the UK and beyond

    It is a simplex system (Tx/Rx on the same frequency) offering only one service; in this case WIRES-X via C4FM (ie no analogue voice).

    As per most licensed gateways, it is relatively low power. If you have issues connecting please contact David M1DOZ who will be happy to assist.

    * WIRES-X: Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System