MB6CE 2m Multimode Digital Voice Node

ERG Committee member Joel G0URK operates MB6CE, which is a 2 metre Digital Voice (DV) Simplex Node in North Chelmsford. Based at Joel's qth in Chelmer Village, its location gives general coverage over most of the city and surrounding area. Originally D-Star only, it has been upgraded with multimode hardware to give DMR and Fusion capability as well.

Frequency 144.8625 MHz
NGR TL 738 077
Locator JO01GR


  • Spring 2017: MB6CE has been totally rebuilt using a MMDVM modem
  • ircDDB Status:   status.ircddb.net


  • MB6CE info on QRZ: www.qrz.com/db/MB6CE
  • By default, D-Star and Fusion are enabled
  • MMDVM - MultiMode Digital Voice Modem info is here