Useful Amateur Radio Links


Ofcom Amateur Section
UK Communications Act 2003
Radio Society of Great Britain
RSGB Spectrum Forum
RSGB-ETCC - Repeater Management
British Amateur Television Club
UK Microwave Group

Repeater Group Web Sites

Group Callsign(s)
Essex Repeater Group GB3DA, GB3ER, GB3CMS, GB3DB, GB3ZP, GB7ZP, MB7IDA
Kent Repeater Group GB3KN, KS, CK, EK, NK, RE, SK
Martello Tower Group GB3TE, GB3CL, GB3CE - Clacton
Bromley Repeater Group GB7OK, LK - Orpington, Kent

Essex Amateur Radio Societies

Braintree & District Radio Society (BADARS)
Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS)
Colchester Radio Amateurs (CRA)
Dengie Hundred Amateur Radio Society (DHARS)
Essex CW Amateur Radio Club (ECWARC)
BAE Systems - Great Baddow Amateur Radio Club (GBARC)
Harlow And District Amateur Radio Society (HADARS)
Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group (HARIG)
Havering & District Amateur Radio Club
Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society (LEFARS)
South Essex Amateur Radio Society (SEARS) - Canvey Rally
Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG)
Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club (TAARC)
Vange Amateur Radio Society (VARS)
Chelmsford Scouts Radio Fellowship (ScARF)
Essex Raynet

Local Societies

IET Essex
IMechE Essex
IMechE Automotive
Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society


QRZ including Online Callbook
Essex Ham - Amateur Radio in Essex
Murray Niman G6JYB - Home Page
Sam Jewell G4DDK - Microwave Radio
Waters & Stanton
Procom-DK - Cavities, Procom UK
Chain Home - Radar Mast at Baddow

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