ERG Privacy & Data Usage Policy

Essex Repeater Group (ERG) is a not-for-profit voluntary group founded with the object to provide and maintain repeater and beacon stations in Essex for the use of Radio Amateurs.

We take Data Protection seriously. By joining or providing details to Essex Repeater Group (ERG) you are deemed to consent to its appropriate storage and usage by the ERG Committee in line with the policy below:

ERG & Data Protection/Usage:
By providing details to ERG you are deemed to consent to its appropriate storage and usage. ERG holds your name, callsign (if applicable), and relevant contact details for the purposes of administering membership and related services including our mailing lists, news, events, publications, and technical support.

In delivering these services ERG may use volunteers and third party services/platforms (such as our website, PayPal, Twitter etc) for which we use best practice, on a reasonable endeavours basis.

Usage Examples:
Whilst our membership database is not disclosed to 3rd parties, there are some exceptions:-

  • In the specific case of Digitally Linked Repeaters/Gateways, usage may include realtime publication (such as online ‘Lastheard’ callsign lists)

  • We also reserve the right to pass the relevant information onwards to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and Ofcom when requested to do so for the purposes of licensing and investigations

Useful Links / Info:-

  • ERG Committee
  • - Information Commissioner's Office, Data Protection / GDPR Guidance etc