ERG - Repeater Logic

The original logic for GB3DA and GB3ER was based on the original G3RKL/GB3US variety. By the early 1990s its condition was poor and CTCSS amongst other facilities was required. The original units were replaced in 1995 with units developed by Malcolm G3XVV. During the 1996/7 site relocation, this was repackaged and enhanced. Eventually the XVV Logic was also retired and donated to the Braintree GB3BZ 70cms Repeater Project in 2001

Current Situation
Since the autumn of 1997 two units based on the popular and very flexible Mk2 G8CUL design have been in use on both DA and ER.

A third Mk2 CUL board was acquired in the autumn of 1998 and was pressed into service during 1999 to act as a spare and to assist development work.

To support the newer GB3DB 6m and GB3ZP 23cms systems, two newer enhanced Mk3 CUL units were acquired. Overall we now have five CUL logic units, of which two units are kept in reserve. Separately, our DStar repeater GB7ZP uses an Icom ID-RP2C Logic controller.

Hardware Details
The G8CUL logic unit for each repeater is packaged in a 1U 19" case. Details can be found on the G8CUL Logic page. The design complies with the requirements for CTCSS and for remote control of repeaters.

A picture of one of the G8CUL Logic Units is in the ERG Gallery.

See individual repeater pages for details. Our FM Repeaters support CTCSS access with Tone-H, 110.9Hz.