ERG Guides

An introduction to ERG and its systems is freely available below in Acrobat PDF format. The ERG guide covers repeater frequencies, access, equipment, beacons/packet and background history. A membership form is also included.

Printed copies can be obtained from the Secretary. Note that it is formatted for double-sided printing, in a similar style to ERG Newsletters

Also below are copies of our brief guides for D-Star and EchoLink - we hope you find these useful.

ERG Flyer

ERG Guide

D-Star Guide

EchoLink Guide

Repeater Frequency Summary:

System Input Output Shift Access
GB3DA 145.125 145.725 600 kHz 110.9
GB3ER 434.675 433.075 1.6 MHz 110.9
GB3DB  51.270  50.770 500 kHz 110.9
GB7ZP 430.4875 439.4875   9 MHz D-Star

Simplex Systems Summary:

System Frequency Access
MB7IDA - Echolink 145.3375 110.9
MB6CE - DV Node 144.8625 DV
GB3CMS - Beacon 10368.960 n/a

Other Info:-

D-Star Registration:
Gateway users should ensure they are registered for the G2/G3 network.
Icom UK now offer a central service for this - Click Here for Registration