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GB3CMS Masthead, May 1997
Masthead Gear

The masthead unit is where the rf/microwave circuitry resides. A waveguide U-Bend located at the bottom RF box incorporates a cut-off waveguide drainage port section to keep the main waveguide-16 antenna run dry. The main vertical waveguide feed has a plastic pipe in parallel with cross ties for support. The RF box, waveguide and support are painted brick red to blend in to its surrounds.

At the top is a slotted waveguide omnidirectional antenna which is protected by (yellow) kapton film stuck to the brass surface with (white) strips of RTV. The outline shape of the antenna results in it being colloquially being known as a cricket bat !

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GB3CMS Antenna
Slotted Waveguide Omnidirectional Antenna